Not Drawing for Drawing’s Sake


Digital portrait of a man on a textured background.

I’m trying to be more purposeful in my drawings. Rather than drawing because I feel like I need to draw to be a good little artist, I’m trying to draw something worth viewing. Seems like common sense right?

Draw something good.

But I don’t think that’s always the case…. at least not for me. Sometimes I feel like I have to be working on something all the time to consider myself an artist. So, I throw out a doodle or an animation to feel productive, it ends up looking terrible, I feel like a terrible artist, and I lose momentum.

But I’m not a terrible artist. I just didn’t put the effort in to make something worth looking at. So here’s to making drawings worth looking at!

I want to hear from you! Do you ever feel like you have to draw for drawing’s sake?